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We frown at corrupt and we encourage you to do the same.

refWe encourage you to report whatever injustice or act of corruption you may come across every moment of your daily lives, be it bribes, coercion and or subjugation of your rights as a person. We want to give you a voice. Are you forced to watch or indulge in any criminal or corrupt practices, we can help you expose such practices and report such cases to the relevant authorities. However, we will endeavour to give topmost priority to your safety by making such reports completely anonymous while bringing the matter to the knowledge of the relevant agencies for investigation.  We at Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum will report such cases to our media partners as well as other anti-corruption agencies for instant investigation and probe. Such stories may be featured on Integrity Watchdog.


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Note: Names of whistle-blowers will not be published as utmost anonymity is assured. However, documents and evidence will be made public via every possible media available to us. Our cases are treated with utmost concern for the safety of our contributors except if advised otherwise.




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