Left to right Professor Nelson Brambaifa,Mrs. Anna Preye Brambaifa, Mrs & Mr. Christopher Brambaifa and at the bottom the entire Brambaifa family.


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Following a petition written by Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum to the president and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission which led the removal and probe of Professor Brambaifa and the entire board of Niger Delta Development Commission, Professor Nelson Brambaifa has planned to abscond the country in a desperate bid to skip trial.

Integrity Watchdog gathered from Anti-corruption and Integrity Forum (ACIF) that Professor Brambraifa’s daughter-in-law who is an American citizen had filed to naturalize her husband Christopher Brambaifa as spouse of an American citizen and the process is almost complete. Christopher Brambaifa who never had a job or business ventures that earned him any income became a multimillionaire the moment his father was appointed Acting Managing Director of NDDC. Upon his appointment, Professor Nelson Brambaifa made his two sons, David and Christopher special assistants. Within three months of his appointment, NDDC under Brambaifa spent a whooping 100 billion naira with little to nothing to show for it. Within the same time frame Professor Nelson Brambaifa and his sons purchased houses worth billions of Naira and furnished with hundreds of millions of naira.

Armed with copies of NDDC’s handover documents dating back 12 years ago, Anti-corruption and Integrity Forum highlights that as of 28th of January, 2019, NDDC’s accounts had a total of N100, 807, 595, 994.18 (One hundred billion eight hundred and seven million, five hundred and ninety five million nine hundred and ninety four naira and eighteen kobo)

Listed below are the accounts of NDDC.

Account Name                                 Account Number                    Amount in US$             Amount in Naira
TSA Revenue Account (CBN)      120xxxxx1018                         ——————–              517,678,977.90
TSA Main Account (CBN)            120xxxxxx2013                       ——————–                 40,340,737.21
TSA JV Project Account CBN      120xxxxx1026                        ——————–                435,511,883.05
CBN Domiciliary Acct CBN         1003xxx-xxxBank-05           365,403,088.28      99,814,064,396.02
                                                                                                                                      Total: N100, 807, 595, 994.18

These details, documents and pictorial evidence were all included in the petition sent to the President and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. The petition called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of Professor Brambaifa, Christopher and David Brambaifa, Samuel Adjogbe and Chris Amadi.

Anti-corruption and Integrity Forum intimated this medium that they are about to alert the American Embassy via The Consular General, the British High Commission and the Canadian Embassy through the High Commission of Canada to deny entry of the above named persons into their country until they have appeared before the Chairman House Committee on Public Petition to give account of how NDDC under Brambaifa spent N100, 807, 595, 994.18 within three months of his appointment as Managing Director.

Complete details of this report will be published in the next edition of Integrity Watchdog Magazine.

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