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A malicious article was written concerning a case between the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and Senator Peter Nwaoboshi which resulted from a petition penned to the commission by the Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum. The article focused on smearing the image of the Chairman, Comrade Prince Kpokpogri over his statement with the EFCC prior to the investigation. In the frivolous write up penned by a pseudonym Dike Enueze claiming that the case between the EFCC and the embattled Delta North Senator would simply be thrown aside by the court and the character witness who happens to be the chairman would be charge before the court for perjury. It is quite obvious that the author of the article lacks simple understanding of the law, how it works and is devoid of the ability to learn.

First offs, besides the fact that defendant’s desperate effort to buy time and in so doing cast aspersions on the personality and call to question the credibility of the prosecuting witness, whatever submission by way of statement received from the prosecuting witness by the EFCC is textbook defense strategy and it is not news but Kpokpogri’s statement is solely his business. However, in cases where parts of such submission is admitted in court the court will use portions of it that is “Material” to the case in focus and nothing more. Secondly, a case of perjury will only hold water if and when the accusations are false or the submission is done with a motive or with intent “in particular” to the case, the unlearned mind will quickly assume any form of misinformation after oath in the stand amounts to perjury.

Lastly, the case may be slightly derailed by unwarranted inquiries into matters that have nothing to do with the case but the case cannot be swept under the carpet and the prosecution will not be intimidated or perturbed.  Frivolous sidelines cannot trash a whole testimony or cannibalize the entire case.

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